The Magic Seashell

The Magic Seashell

by Makerita Urale

Wellington, New Zealand: Steele Roberts Ltd for the Pacific Education Resources Trust

ISBN: 1877228060/9781877228063

This is a Pacific Island fairy tale about a shell which brings together two long-lost lovers, who have been torn apart during a storm years ago. Masina, living alone on a deserted island finds a most beautiful shell, which becomes her most precious possession. She is devastated when she loses this shell during a vicious storm, which lasts for days and tears apart her island home. When the shell falls into the hands of two small children on another island, the events that follow reunite Masina with her long-lost love, Old Fetu. The story has been illustrated beautifully by Samuel Sakaria using bold lines of Pacific images such as tapa and woven designs, palm trees and shells.

This book was nominated because of its beautiful illustration.

A New Zealand Curriculum-linked  activity for this picture book  can be found here.