Pou and Miri Tackle Climate Change

Pou and Miri Tackle Climate Change

by Dom Sansom

Fiji: Secretariat of the Pacific Community

ISBN: 9789820004955/9820004950

A story about a young boy, Pou, who lives on Iteni Island in the Pacific.  One day he meets Miri – a fruit bat who has lost her home when a forest is chopped down to make way for a new road. Pou sets out to help Miri find her mother and a new home, and along the way he learns a great deal about how to tackle climate change. Key messages in the story are:

  • reduce the cutting down of forests
  • stop burning forest and bushland
  • walk or cycle instead of travelling by car or bus
  • practice agroforestry (putting plants and trees together on purpose to maximise growth potential)
  • keep soil covered with trees and vegetation, especially on slopes
  • look after and protect our mangroves
  • keep coral reefs healthy

This book was nominated because it tackles issues of global warming.

A New Zealand Curriculum-linked activity for this picture book can be found here.