My Preschool: O La’u Ā’oga ‘Āmata

My Preschool: O La’u Ā’oga ‘Āmata

by Tolo Pereira

Porirua, New Zealand: Samoan Early Education Development Services Ltd (SEEDS)

ISBN: 9780473168896/0473168898

Illustrated beautifully using bright, simple images, this book tells the reader about daily life in a Samoan preschool. The text is given in both Samoan and English, and provides the reader with descriptions of different parts of the day. Special features of the Samoan character of the preschool include worship time and mat time, where the children learn about different aspects of Samoan culture. The book is designed as a discussion point for children, where they can talk about the pictures and what they tell about going to a Samoan preschool. Teachers’ notes are also provided.

This book was nominated for its large, glossy presentation and because it promotes the language of Samoa. It was also nominated because it presents Samoan culture in a very accessible way, as well as presenting ideas which children can easily relate to.

A New Zealand curriculum-linked activity for this book can be found here.

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