Ka ‘Akapērā Tikāi! (That’s the Way!)

Ka ‘Akapērā Tikāi! (That’s the Way!)

by Lino Nelisi

ISBN: 478277407 (Cook Island Maori) 2003

ISBN: 478277415 (Niuean) 2003

ISBN: 478277423 (Samoan) 2003

ISBN: 047827744X (Tongan) 2003

ISBN: 478277431 (Tokelauan) 2003

ISBN: 478227124 (English) 1998

This is a Tupu reader, written in Cook Island Maori. Translations are also available in four other Pacific Island languages. An English version, called That’s the Way is available in the Ready to Read series. This story is about the Samoan game of kilikiti. When Mum’s team is short of one player, Animoe gets the chance to play her favourite game. The bright, clear illustrations show scenes of daily life in the Pacific Islands – lavalavas, smiling faces and lots of food! This book was nominated for the collection because it has realistic illustrations showing lavalavas and its focus on the popular game of kilikiti.

A New Zealand Curriculum-linked activity for this book can be found here.