A Quilt for Kiri

A Quilt for Kiri

by Don Long

ISBN: 0478055854/9780478055856

This is a reader in the Ready to Read series which is set in New Zealand. Kiri’s grandmother lives in the Cook Islands, and Kiri is devastated when she learns that her grandmother has died. When she receives a parcel in the post a few months later, Kiri is delighted to find her grandmother’s old quilt. She and her mother lovingly mend and wash the quilt, and it helps her and her father to remember grandmother and share special memories together.

This book was nominated because of its themes of family and Pasifika artwork. It also highlights a common occurrence for many Pasifika New Zealanders – having grandparents who live away from New Zealand.

A New Zealand Curriculum-linked activity for this book can be found here.